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Film Honors 2016: Longlists Announced

With the arrival of a new year, came the approaching closure of the film season. Here in the UK I’ve bullied my way through so many movies, and yet not nearly enough. My annual Film Honors would be rather droll had I not at least tried. And as far as my enjoyment has gone with movies this year, there was a lot of loving.

Women film-makers brought us disorder, relationship studies between man and woman, father and daughter, nuns giving birth, little wild horses, men behaving like children. Acting pedigree went behind the camera once more, and they built fences, made people safe by landing planes in water, or carrying soldiers out of harm’s way. Innovative film-makers emerged from under the shadow or lured us to the woods, trapped us on a train with the undead, or in a music venue room. They also took us back to the classical musical, to a galaxy far, far away, to the great Western. There were of course other people too, making a name for themselves in the year gone by. Like Jackie, or Daniel, and Olga, or Julieta. And who can forget little Kubo, or Victoria, literally given one shot.

What you won’t see here as I honor 2016 will be mentions of Certain Women, like Elle, Miss Sloane, there’ll be no Graduation, Sieranevada, Aquarius. No Personal Shopper, My Life as a Zucchini, The Eyes of My Mother, The Salesman, It’s Only The End Of The World. Deemed 2017 releases with the UK calendar (and I make the cut off around February). So, until next year.

So, 2016 Film Honors, let’s get right down to brass tacks. If you have not seen the longlists of 25 per category (40 for Motion Picture) as announced Sunday then take a look below for all 16 categories:

Special Effects

Sound Designing

Costumer Designing

Set Designing

Picture Editing


Score Composing

Screenwriting Adapted

Screenwriting Original

Cast Ensemble

Actor Support

Actor Lead

Actress Support

Actress Lead


Motion Picture



  1. Dell on Movies (@w_ott3) Dell on Movies (@w_ott3) January 18, 2017

    Lots of really nicely stacked categories. Looking forward to the shortlists. I’m a little disappointed you bought into the shenanigans and placed Viola Davis in Supporting, but I guess I can’t blame you too much.

    • Robin Write Robin Write January 18, 2017

      Well, it was a tough call, and with so many films and performances and the like to judge all by my little self, I couldn’t dedicate too much thought to every aspect. Plus I tend not to follow the awards season shenanigans here, stay clear of it if anything – for example, Alicia Vikander won last year in Lead so…

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