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Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople


It starts off great; clever writing, beautiful cinematography, likable characters, witty, off-beat humour. It strongly reminded me of a more adult, ‘WesAndersony’ version of Pixar’s UP which, given the fact that film ranks so high in my mind, is definitely not a bad thing. This movie looked stunning, it had things to say and I was excited.

Then I reached just past the halfway point and my glee started fading. The plot was soon running circles around itself, the ideas seemed tired and the storyline became contrived, demanding us to suspend our disbelief so that we can enjoy the, thankfully still good banter.

Overall, a solid 3. Enjoyable? Yes. Memorable? Only time will tell. But I really don’t think so.

P.S.: If you haven’t already, go watch What We Do In The Shadows by the same director (Taika Waititi who cameos as the priest in the film). Thank me later.


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