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Vote: Ranking The 10 Feature Films Of David Fincher

David Fincher

So with exactly 10 feature film credits to his name (it feels like more, right?), we have our David Fincher top 10. But let’s not stop there, let’s rank them for the next edition of Directors’ Weekend – Friday 25th August til Sunday 27th. You know the drill now. Vote, vote, vote. Only this time around you can only pick a maximum of seven (of course). I do not look forward hearing from those who have not seen that many. I mean, Fincher is one of the modern day greats. So which 7 are you voting for?

A brother’s crazed game; growing old backwards; that girl with the dragon tattoo; claustrophobia and asthma; a missing, but cunning, wife; a homicidal use of the seven deadly sins; the under-rated serial killer picture; an alien on a prison planet; do not talk about it according to the first two rules; or the humanity of Facebook’s creation.

Results published on Sunday 27th August. As always, your comments are welcome below.



  1. Courtney Young Courtney Young August 25, 2017

    God, I’m such a sucker for Benjamin Button…it perfectly embodies my hometown of New Orleans more than any other movie ever has.

    • Robin Write Robin Write August 25, 2017

      See that’s a fine reason to live a film. How can I argue with that? Not one of my favorite Fincher’s at all, but there’s no personal resonance for me. You should write a quick piece for the site.😉

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