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Vote: Ranking The Films Of Steven Spielberg

For those that don’t know yet, 11 – 17 December is Steven Spielberg Week at Filmotomy. I’m not one for ranking movies generally, it’s a tough task at the best of times, especially with a film-maker who has such an abundance of excellent work under his belt. So, another mass vote is in order to hopefully establish a ranking of Spielberg’s films – with your help of course.

What do you need to know?

All you have to do is select up to 15 of Spielberg’s films you consider to be his best, your favorites, most admired, however you want to do it. Voting closes the morning of Sunday 17th December, and results published that same evening. Only films in the poll are those Spielberg directed. That said, some films have purposely been left off the list: the largely unknown Firelight (1964), short film Amblin‘ (1968), the made for TV movie Duel (1971), and his latest, and largely unseen, The Post (2017).




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