Vote: The 10 Best From Pedro Almodóvar

#DirectorsWeekend – #PedroAlmodovar – Friday August 11th – Sunday August 13h

I’m not sure where to start with Pedro Almodóvar – in thought, in admiration, what to watch next, which film of his is my new favorite, those performances, those women, that human touch, that sensual tone, those mischievous (mis)adventures. I recall the right at then end of the 80s, discovering this Spanish filmmaker, he felt so grown up to me, so seductive, I was eager to watch his movies, but almost felt I was not supposed to. Through  my film-loving journey from there, it has not been difficult at all to continue to call Almodóvar one of the greatest.

So then, let’s lavish ourselves in the aura of his many, many varied works of art on film. It’s time to vote once again, select the 10 favorite / best Pedro Almodóvar films – no easy task that – in preparation for the next Directors’ Weekend were the results of the 10 Best will be published, among many other Almodóvar discussions, film-watching, and writing.

Comments are now open below for all your naughty, motherly, emotional declarations.


7 thoughts on “Vote: The 10 Best From Pedro Almodóvar

  1. The Skin I Live In is a masterpiece. Even after all this time, I still cannot get it out of my head (well, not quite). I liked Volver as well, though it is not without its flaws.

  2. Pedro is my favorite director of all time. I really love his early low budget stuff! Atame is probably my favorite. But also Matador and Labyrinth of passion. Who else can get away with having a nymphomaniac character called Sexillia in their movies?? hahaha
    Of the more polished ones I love All About my Mother. I also really liked Julieta a t lot.

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