Stefanie Davis Talks Comedy, Action, And Her Undying Love For Filmmaking

  At just 3 minutes in length, brand new film short I Just Said That from Stefanie Davis shows a familiar side of the fiery temperaments of an adult relationship, and the spontaneous verbal intervention that can break the ice. “That one I wrote in an afternoon,” Davis explains, “with the line ‘romantic diarrhea’, I […]

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Femme Filmmakers Festival 2017: Day One Program

Femme Filmmakers Festival — Day One Program — Friday 1st September 2017 Like all the fine female filmmakers you are hopefully about to embark on, it is time to rise and shine. You may or may not know the drill with getting up and going to a film festival, but with the Femme Filmmakers Festival […]

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Genre Blast: Sports – Win or Lose, It’s All in the Game

A majority of us have never effectively played more than two or three sports and likely never go out of our way to watch them other than passively accepting what we are fed over the television. So how do films about sports accomplish the unusual task of entertaining audiences who may never have played or […]

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