Short Film Review: Not(e) for a Dreamer

Whilst watching Not(e) for a Dreamer I was reminded of a certain quote, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “ Youth comes but once in a lifetime.” Indeed being young is something we only experience once, an in the grand scale of things it is only a fleeting passing moment that is over all too quick, just like summer. This […]

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True Crime is for People Who Care About Clint Eastwood, Oakland, or the Death Penalty – No One Else

By Andy Kamenetzky and Daniel Smith-Rowsey In True Crime, Clint Eastwood plays Steve Everett, a recently recovering alcoholic, a cuckolder and womanizer, and a nearly washed-up reporter working for the Oakland Tribune. Amy, one of Steve’s fellow reporters, after a night drinking with Steve, dies in a car crash, and the next morning Steve is […]

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Julie Taymor’s TITUS: Guess Who’s Going to be Dinner

The bard was not only brilliant at loftier themes like self-awareness, politics and the contemplation of the many forms of love, he could also mash-up horror, sex, violence, torture and cannibalism with the best of them – then and now. And he does it all in iambic pentameter, the playwrights’ equivalent to Ginger Rogers doing everything her partner does, only backwards and in heels.

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