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The Films of Christopher Nolan Ranked

Here are the results of your votes to determine the ranking of Christopher Nolan films. I prefer to call it his top ten feature films rather than tagging this the ranking of his films from worst to best. Thank you all for taking part. Let’s start of course with the film receiving the lowest amount of votes, thus declared the least excellent. Or in this particular case the most under-seen:



Following (1998)

In a Nutshell: An unemployed loner believes he is looking for inspiration by following complete strangers around London. When he is clocked by a slick guy in a suit, he is lured into a flurry of petty crime and eventual corruption.


The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

In a Nutshell: Bruce Wayne and Batman have becomes shadows of their former selves. A masked maniac called Bane becomes an immediate pain in Gotham’s ass. The conflicted Catwoman intervenes and helps Wayne / Batman somehow redeem themselves in the public eye.



Insomnia (2002)

In a Nutshell: Detective Dormer “accidentally” kills his partner while on the hunt for a murderer in Alaska. Given the constant daylight, Dormer struggles to get any sleep as the days tick on by. He meets the killer on a ferry, and later they have a scuffled were Dormer finally gets some sleep.

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